Land at Bensfield Farm, Stenhousemuir

Welcome to the Bensfield Farm, Stenhousemuir: Online Pre-Application Consultation

Sustainability of Location

There are a number of local services and amenities located within and just beyond the observed walking distance threshold as set out in Planning Advice Note 75: Planning for Transport, Annex B, paragraph B13. This includes:

  • The nearest bus stop is located to the southeast at around 440m from the centre of the site.
  • Two local shops are located within 1,600m from the centre of the site with further services available in Stenhousemuir local centre (1,920m). These services include a supermarket, post office and health services.
  • For non-denominational primary schooling the site is located just beyond 1,600m walking distance from Carronshore Primary School. Carron Primary School is also located within 1,300m walking distance of the site.
  • For denominational primary schooling the site is located within walking distance of St Bernadette’s Primary School (900m).
  • Larbert High School is located to the south of the site within approximately 30 minutes walk (2,400m).
  • Core Paths 009/1704 and 009/17003 run adjacent to the north and west boundaries of the site. These provide connections to the wider Core Path network and the wider countryside.