Land at Bensfield Farm, Stenhousemuir

Welcome to the Bensfield Farm, Stenhousemuir: Online Pre-Application Consultation

Site Appraisal

Initial site analysis has been undertaken. This has highlighted the following opportunities and constraints:

  • The site generally falls from west to east and is relatively flat.
  • The site comprises arable farmland bounded by intact hedgerows along the north, south and western boundaries.
  • The eastern boundary is defined by a post and wire fence, providing open views out to the countryside.
  • A view from the site into the countryside is provided on the eastern boundary.
  • Existing trees and woodland along the northern edge of Bellsdyke Road (A88) provide partial screening of the site in views from the north.
  • Five former mineshafts are recorded within the site. Their exact locations will be confirmed through further investigation.
  • A gas mains pipeline runs through the northeast corner of the site. The exact location will be confirmed through further investigation and a 10m buffer zone will be maintained.
  • Small areas at risk of surface water flooding are identified in the northwest and southwest of the site. This will be mitigated as part of a detailed drainage strategy.

A series of technical assessments have been commissioned for the site and will inform the proposal once completed.